Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades


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“Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades” contains 9 black magic rituals, performed under a pale white moon at the stroke of midnight. Never has there been such a listening experience in occult, horror doom and never again will you hear such horrifyingly eerie, spine-tingling tales translated through the evil spirits from beyond. Amazing female-fronted atmospheric & heavy DOOM metal with a mix of traditional, clean vocals, and tormented banshee growls that summon forth the Skullcoven, and an unearthly display of ghostly retribution! Features incredible cover artwork by Adam Geyer.

*First 200 copies came with an exclusive postcard/art print that you can't get anywhere else!


released March 8, 2011

Wayne Sarantopoulos: Guitar and Drums
Vanessa Nocera: All Vocals and Bass

Recorded December 2010
Mixed and Mastered by: Patrick Bruss

Cover art by: Adam Geyer



all rights reserved



Willie Wardlaw: Guitar and Drums
Vanessa Nocera: All Vocals and Bass

Ghastly horror Doom Metal. Occult drenched riffs and demonic female banshee vocals

New album coming early 2015

Past Members:
Wayne Sarantopoulos: Guitars and Drums
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Track Name: Cadaverum Caecorum Liber
Lyrics by: Dr. Lucio Holocausto

Arise, Templars, Arise!
Heretic Knights of the East...Undead Horrors!
Blind centuries of debauchery and death are theirs...
From their Spanish tombs to Babylon are they called...
To seek out the eldritch frimoire: the Necronomicon
To usher forth the hungry End, the end of Time
They would gaze upon the Sun as it turns black
And so upon cadaverous horses, The Blind Dead ride!

Under a death-white moon, they ride...
For the unspeakable Book, they ride...
Beyond reality's thin veil, they ride...
Into blackest oblivion, they ride...
They ride...

The Book unearthed, the rites need the rarest blood
And so hunted are nightmares, dreadful and ghastly
Daninsky, Orloff, the Matres - nothing but prey!
Spells are cast from aged pages, the sacrificed made
The wind howls as the infinite Void yawns agape
The Old Ones have come, grand and obscene!
From the Templars' dead eyes do tentacles unfurl
As their skeleton maws shake with insane laughter...
Track Name: Salem, 1692
Lyrics by: Wayne Sarantopoulos

The strange behavior of the bewitched
Souls of long winter nights cursed
Accusations of mystical deviltry
Gallows Hill awaits thy sentenced first
They shall "Make devils of us all"
Confessions stir the witches' brew
These six convicted condemned to hang
in sixteen hundred ninety two

Guilty are they for deeds gone undone at the trial
Innocent blood flows forever down church aisle
Red rats, talking cats, and a tall man dressed in black
Tales of lunacy spoken and accepted as fact

The devil swarming the sky?
The wrath of God or just a lie?

Demonic possession of this small town?
Just hang them high before the sun goes down?

Nineteen had fallen, from rich to the poor
Confusion builds inside accursed ones
Religious fables pouring from unknowing lips
Their time to die from evil deeds undone
Track Name: Tortured Into Eternal Repose
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

Witch-hunting through the mountainside
Executed in the village of the damned
Tortured to confess though we are innocent
In the name of God, we are murdered by man

I have nothing to confess
Free me from this agony, give me death
Whipped, bound, broken bones
Left to starve and rot all alone
Stretched out on the rack
Branded skin on our feet and backs
Tongues ripped from the root
Convicting us without proof

Condemned to death by burning at the stake
(Brenn, Hexe, Brenn!)
How much more cruelty can we take?
(Brenn, Hexe, Brenn!)
Our souls will be forever scorned
(Brenn, Hexe, Brenn!)
And none of us will ever be mourned
(Brenn, Hexe, Brenn!)
Track Name: Die Rache Der Hexen
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera and Mario Hirt

Die Rache der Hexen
Auferstanden von den Toten
Erzürnte Seelen ohne Ruh
Schauen dir beim Sterben zu
Du kriegst die selbe Strafe
Die sie bekamen von dir
Sie greifen an,
voller Hass und Schmerz
Und nie mehr schlagen wird dein Herz

Witches grave, (they return)
From the dead, (from the dead)
Revenge of the witches; they rise from the dead
They attack, (they attack)
With hate and pain, (hate and pain)
You get the same torture as you had given them

Die Rache der Hexen
Auferstanden von den Toten
Sie greifen an,
voller Hass und Schmerz
Und nie mehr schlagen wird dein Herz

From our ice-cold graves
(Wir kriegen dich)
We are coming for YOU!
(Wir kriegen dich)
Track Name: Six Feet of Earth...And All That It Contains
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

An unearthly display, a painting of family graves
Color stripped; a ghostly grey, canvas portrays decay
Shadowy imagery obscures what you see
As you watch, it changes; his spirit is now free

Creeping, from the crypt he's coming
Seeking his retribution
Running, through the house you can't hide
He is at your door!

Unmerciful demise, his ghost will not abide
He watches from the stairs, his painting - a seething glare
Filling you with guilt; clouding your frail mind
Soon it gets the best of you; he wants you dead, too!

Get back in your grave!
Go back to the ground where you belong!
Get back in your grave!
You're DEAD!

Madness takes you over, your inheritance now meaningless
Guilt over-powers you, throwing you to your death
Claiming the mansion, his name was next in line
His plan to vanquish you came in little time
But, now he cowers, watching you rise from the dead
Is this insanity? Is this only in his head?
Screaming in fear for you to leave him be
An opening door is all he sees...
Track Name: Skullcoven
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

In the shadow of the raven
Plowing through Satan's grave
Emerging from the frozen mud;
a rotting, decomposed face
Unleashing an evil
Possessing His easy prey
Angel is now a demon, won't you come play her games?

Under a crown of flower and birch
Angel's ugly, painted face
Left to die in the ruin church
She caused your agonizing fate
Kneel down before Satan
Ceremonial sacrifice
Patches of hair growing on our skin
Madness altars our lives

Passing around a cloth containing Satan's claw
Reviving forgotten horrors, defying your God's law
Corrupted by the Devil's touch, the Skullcoven is born
Witchcraft is proven alive, defying what you've sworn

Using His minions for His revolting revenge!
Reassures His curse will never end!

In the shadow of the raven, you fight fire with fire
You want to re-bury the evil and kill this wicked Sire
Face to face in a long, black cloak you impale him with your sword
Only to fear the return of Skullcoven and their Dark Lord

The lush countryside is turning black
Blood on Satan's claw brings Him back!
Track Name: Anguished Atonement
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

You are beckoned on a stormy night
To dress the corpse of a sorceress
Her face contorted in a painful smirk
Your avocation leaves her unable to rest

A single jewel on her hand catches your eyes
And your greedy hands shake as you pry away
Her possessions from her cold, dead hands
Dress her warm for her grave, but what you don't understand...

She will return
Watch out behind your back
Will you ever learn?
The dead lurk in the pitch black

racconto della donna fantasma, nella tua casa

In her white gown, her body afloat
Her hands raised to grasp your throat
Begging for mercy, falling on deaf ears
She enjoys watching you writhe in fear

Standing over your body
They see your expression of fright
The same jewel yanked from your hands
Who will you haunt on this night?
Track Name: Bleeding Coffin
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

Stalking the bride on her honeymoon
Planning to take her from her groom
Appearing only in the darkness
A figure shrouded in a gossamer dress
Her familiar face is haunting
Just like the lady in the painting
Clutching a dagger as she stands
Inverted rings adorn each hand

The lady of her nightmares
Glowing, sapphire eyes
Comes to her at dawn
To plan his demise
Together they plunge the knife
Deep into his chest
The blood-spattered brides
Put him to a bloody rest

It was just a dream, a reality to be
Through the stone labyrinth, with draping ivy
She recites to you her hatred for all men
You seal the pact with a kiss, you are in her reign
Breast to breast, cheek to cheek, you howl like cats in the night
Drinking the blood from each other's necks
Two females' alliance in flight

He discovers their sanctuary
When he follows them down the path
He witnesses their rituals
A lesbian bloodbath

It was just a dream, a reality to be
Through the stone labyrinth, with draping ivy
She recites to you her hatred for all men
You seal the pact with a kiss, you are in her reign
Breast to breast, cheek to cheek, you howl like cats in the night
Drinking the blood from each other's necks
Two females' alliance in flight

Fearing his life is in danger
He guns down their coffin
Blood pours from the holes,
So the story is told

But they will come back!
They can never die!
Vampire women of Hell
Devote your body to lie...